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CCNA SP terdiri dari 2 modul
1. CCNA SP NGN 1 (2jt)
2. CCNA SP NGN 2 (2jt)

1. CCNA SP NGN 1 (09,10 Maret 2013)
2. CCNA SP NGN 2 (16,17 Maret 2013)



Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 1 v1.0

IP Fundamentals

Defining Functions of Networking
Introducing TCP/IP Layers and the OSI Reference Model
Managing IP Addressing
Describing the TCP/IP Transport Layer
Explaining Network Security
Explaining IP Addressing and Subnets

Basic LAN Switching

Understanding Ethernet
Connecting to an Ethernet LAN
Using Switched LAN Technology
Operating a Cisco Switch
Understanding Switch Security
Performing Switched Network Optimizations
Troubleshooting Switch Issues

Basic IP Routing

Exploring the Functions of Routing
Introducing the Cisco IOS XR
Configuring Basic Routing
Configuring EIGRP
Understanding Cisco Router Security

Connectivity Technologies

Describing Access Technologies
Introducing Service Provider Access, Edge, and Transport Technologies
Enabling the WAN Internet Connection
Introducing Encapsulation
Introducing VPN

Network Management and Security

Collecting Device Data
Configuring Network Management Tools
Using AAA


Lab 1-1: Verify Host IP Configuration
Case Study 1-2: Configure Subnetting
Lab 2-1: Configure a Cisco Switch
Lab 3-1: Configure Basic Router Configuration
Lab 4-1: Implement Internet Connectivity
Lab 4-2: Configure Data Link Layer Encapsulation
Lab 5-1: Configure Network Management Tools
Lab 5-2: Configure AAA


Building Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks, Part 2 v1.0

Service Provider Network Construction

Introduction to Service Providers
Cisco IP NGN Architecture
Cisco Hardware Platform Placement

Advanced LAN Switching

Implementing VLANs and Trunks
Spanning Tree Protocol Enhancements
Routing Between VLANs
First Hop Redundancy Protocols

Internal Service Provider Traffic Forwarding

Link-State Routing Protocols
Implementing OSPF
Implementing IS-IS
Implementing Route Redistribution
MPLS Basics

External Service Provider Routing

Introducing BGP
Understanding BGP Path Attributes
Establishing BGP Sessions
Processing BGP Routes
Configuring Basic BGP

ACLs and IP Address Translation

Applying Access Control Lists
Transitioning to IPv6

Cisco IOS XE and Cisco IOS XR Software

Describing Cisco IOS XR Software Architecture and Features
Explaining Software Maintenance Operations on Cisco IOS XR and Cisco IOS XE
Explaining Configuration Management with Cisco IOS XR Software


Lab 2-1: Configure Advanced Switching
Lab 2-2: Configure Inter-VLAN Routing and Gateway Redundancy
Lab 3-1: Implement OSPF
Lab 3-2: Implement IS-IS
Lab 4-1: Configure Basic BGP
Lab 5-1: Implement ACLs
Lab 6-1: Manage Cisco IOS XR Software Package